Remarkable Interior Renovation in Black Jack, MO

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Before (Kitchen)
After (Kitchen)
Before (Bathroom)
After (Bathroom)

This #HouseOfTheWeek showcases the striking interior renovation of a 4 bed, 2 bath, single family home in Black Jack, Missouri.  This week’s successful renovation is brought to us by Affinity Real Estate Investment Company (AREIC), a vertically integrated real estate investment company located in St. Louis, MO. AREIC acquires, renovates, and manages single family rental assets providing consistent cash flows and sustainable returns to their investors and partners.

This property was purchased from the previous homeowner of 30 years who despite the passage of time, meticulously maintained the property. This week’s featured asset serves as a great example of what light rehab can do to refresh an aging asset.  Focusing mainly on the kitchen and bathrooms, this renovation “brought the property back to life” as proclaimed by Justin Powell, Director of Acquisitions at AREIC.

The before and after pictures demonstrate just that – a refreshing interior renovation tremendously increases the utility and appeal of a once dated asset. The renovated kitchen and bathrooms feature new cabinets, flooring, and appliances, and a neutral color scheme.

This property was acquired through CAF’s portfolio finance platform, offering fix and flip invested acquisition financing and added flexibility in growing rental portfolios. As stated by Powell, “Colony American Finance played an integral part and served as a valuable partner throughout the process, providing access to acquisition capital and a variety of finance products. As a result, AREIC and our partners have been able to finance over 10MM in assets across 4 pools… with many more to come!”

Before investing with a new fix and flip property, make sure you do your homework and learn correctly how to determine fair market value of rental property.

Are you looking to refinance your rental property or grow your portfolio? Visit Colony American Finance for your real estate investing solutions or give us a call at 844-223-2231.



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