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This week’s #HouseOfTheWeek presents a breath taking renovation of a 2-unit multi-family home, remodeled by Harness Homes Group, a private real-estate fund based out of New York.  Rather than the typical fix and flip model, Harness Homes Group focuses on acquiring, renovating, and then holding and renting the properties they acquire.

Our decision to feature this project is backed by the stunning transformation of the two units, each with 3 bedrooms, 1 full bath, a dining room, living room, and kitchen area. Located in a charming neighborhood in Northern New Jersey, the property showed great potential from the very start. “The house was in need of some TLC and updating and Harness Homes Group had the vision of what could be starting with the solid bones of the house.  Our team quickly formulated a plan to restore the house to its original stature, and then create value beyond that” commented Charles Sessa, Director & Portfolio Manager at Harness Homes Group.

In just three short months, this once vacant and distressed property had been transformed. Sessa reports, “The renovation saw the weathered hardwood floors, which were covered by old carpeting, undergo a detailed revitalization.  In addition to the hardwood floors, the bathrooms were completely stripped and reinstalled with a modern and tasteful look.  The kitchen, which was in need of the most updating, was thoughtfully redesigned, featuring tiled floors, hardwood cabinets and fresh granite countertops. Sharp looking stainless steel appliances were also installed to give the project a complete look.”

Harness Homes Group was created after founders Robert Bremmer, President, and Charles Sessa, Director, realized the lack of revitalization and renovation following the wake of the financial crisis in their home state of New Jersey (and other areas in the northeast). Through the formation of an exceptional team to acquire and redevelop these homes, including their most recent hire acquisitions analyst Jeffrey Seidenberg, their mission is to continue attaining properties to renovate and bring them back to their beautiful original stature, while continuing to deliver a superior product that remains affordable for working families.

This property was refinanced through Colony American Finance. As stated by Sessa, “Without partners such as Colony American Finance, it would be much harder to accomplish what Harness Homes Group has already achieved in such a short period of time.  Colony American Finance is composed of a team that utilizes an experienced staff to provide efficient and timely financing solutions to residential real estate investors, to which Harness Homes Group can attest.”

Looking to refinance your investment property? Interested in capital for fix and flip real estate projects?  Colony American Finance has the financing solution for you- contact us today at 1-844-223-2231.

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