Watch 30 minutes of HGTV and you’re an expert right?  Perhaps, but highly unlikely.  While you might have great taste for breakfast bars and appreciate the appeal of soft linen colored walls, getting started in real estate investing often takes a little more than “TV learning”.  The extra preparation work is rewarding because real estate …

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Endless Summer: In Search of the Perfect Rental

| | Landlord Financing | Single Family Rentals

Three weeks into summer and the residential real estate market is heating up. Whether you’re a renter looking for a new home or a keen real estate investor making most of the seasonality, the summer months bring a real estate market ripe with opportunity. Now that school is out, families are more seriously considering relocating. …

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Whats Driving the Rising Rents by Colony American Finance

What’s Driving the Rising Rents?

| | Fix & Flip Loans | Landlord Financing | Single Family Rentals

The U.S. housing market is more stabilized and new home construction is on the rise, but what is driving this ‘shadow growth’ in the rent numbers? The answer is simply that more consumers are renting, leading to a massive growth in not just the multi-family market, but also the single family rentals and small multi-unit …

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A Second Look at Section 8

| | Landlord Financing | Single Family Rentals

Apartments rented under the federal government’s Section 8 Rental Certificate low-income housing program are often stigmatized, as are the landlords who own them. But for owners who maintain and manage their properties well, Section 8 housing is a source of dependable income and loyal tenants.

ROI: Rental Renovations Well Worth the Money

| | Single Family Rentals

As the demand within the residential rental market remains strong—as does HGTV’s line up of “DIY renovation” and “fix and flip” programming—real estate investors and landlords alike should be considering reinvesting some of their profits back into their rentals.