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How to Close an Investment Loan in Thirty Days or Less

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How fast can you close? As relationship managers, this is one of the most frequently asked questions that our borrowers ask – and we understand why. Timing is everything in real estate investing, and the speed in which a borrower can access capital is a significant factor in the overall timing of the project. At …

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In the recent interview below between Jennifer LeClaire of GlobeSt. and Ed Mermelstein, partner at RheemBell Mermelstein LLP, Mr. Mermelstein corrects a misconception about why foreign investors set up LLCs to transact real estate in the US. He states the reason is two-fold, tax benefits and protection from liability. As a matter of fact, this …

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Colony American Finance at La Jolla Real Estate Investor Finance & Tech Expo

On Saturday, May 15th, Colony American Finance exhibited at the La Jolla Real Estate Investor Finance & Tech Expo. Real estate investors and service professionals from around the nation came together for a day of networking, fix ‘n’ flip tips, wholesaling, crowdfunding, buy & hold strategies, private and traditional lending information. The event focused primarily …

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