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1. Blood Splattered Walls and Columns from Dracula’s Castle Interior design and architectural horrors abound with this renovation property in Dade City, Florida. As guests enter the home, they walk past four creepy looking arches that are reminiscent of old Dracula movies. With the thought of the blood-sucking Count possibly lurking nearby, they then journey …

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Infographic on the top 20 cities to Fix and Flip in 2016 by Colony American Finance

Big Rewards – Top Fix & Flip Markets in the US

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Residential real estate investing can be a lucrative business for those who master the tricks of the trade. In fact, savvy investors are often capable of doubling their investments within months, rather than years, through activities such as house flipping. It takes determination, preparation, hard work, experience, a bit of luck and savings, but house …

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Whats Driving the Rising Rents by Colony American Finance

What’s Driving the Rising Rents?

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The U.S. housing market is more stabilized and new home construction is on the rise, but what is driving this ‘shadow growth’ in the rent numbers? The answer is simply that more consumers are renting, leading to a massive growth in not just the multi-family market, but also the single family rentals and small multi-unit …

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common fix and flip mistakes

Flip or Flop? 5 Common Fix and Flip Mistakes

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Be aware of these five common fix and flip mistakes that may push you over or under With the rise of fix and flip TV shows that make rehabbing look like a breeze, home flipping has become a growing trend that many new investors are jumping right into and acquiring fix and flip loans. In …

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Buy and Hold or Fix and Flip Financing with Colony American Finance

Ralph McLaughlin, Chief Economist at Trulia, published an interesting look at the “Fix & Flip” housing trend by market –some overheated, some have opportunity. In 2015, nationally, house flipping represented 5% of all home sales.

Market by market analysis showed interesting variations. For example, flipping is highest is Las Vegas, where 10.4% of home sales are flips, and is about 80% of its 15-year peak. Flipping is lowest in Detroit at just 1.1%.