From Graffiti to Greatness, Atlanta Home Transformed with Care

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To start off the New Year, our first #HouseOfTheWeek in 2017 showcases the magnificent renovation of a 5-bed, 3-bath, 2,600-square-foot single family rental, located in Atlanta, Georgia.  The successful property transformation was executed by Kinloch Partners LLC, under the direction of Co-Founder and Managing Member, Bruce McNeilage, who has more than 25 years of experience with real estate investments. In just the past 12 years, Bruce has invested in more than 450 properties and has sold 150 plus properties throughout Florida, Tennessee, and Georgia.

Although this property has a youthful foundation, being built only 10 years ago, the interior of the property had been found in a negligent state filled with graffiti, random holes in the walls, stained carpets, and foul pet odors – among other features that took away much of its charm.



Post-renovation, we see that the property has been fully restored and is as charming as ever. The kitchen, as shown in the before images, had a completely trashed sink and counters. Now, it includes clean retouched cabinets with new handles, a brand new sink, and brand new appliances. Across the house, all of the graffiti and random holes were fixed. The renovation included fresh coats of paint to clear the walls and brand new carpet installation throughout all of the common areas and rooms in the house. Floor tiling was refreshed with new tiling in the kitchen, bathrooms and bathtubs. The renovation also included a few touches to the exterior of the property which aided in highlighting the property’s modern design – from a full-brick to a double-style design. All in all, this property’s transformation showcases the restoration that took place to transform this house into a happy home.

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