6 Renovation Horror Stories that turned into Rental Home Dreams

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halloween horror stories for fix flip real estate investors

1. Blood Splattered Walls and Columns from Dracula’s Castle

Interior design and architectural horrors abound with this renovation property in Dade City, Florida. As guests enter the home, they walk past four creepy looking arches that are reminiscent of old Dracula movies. With the thought of the blood-sucking Count possibly lurking nearby, they then journey into the kitchen where, to their dismay, the walls appear to be completely blood-splattered at night. Add in some scary music to the ghost-like curtains and coffin-like cabinets around the house and a visit here would be an extremely frightful event. It’s hard to believe the amazing job that our fix and flip investors did to convert this haunting house into a welcoming living space.

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2. Millennials’ Nightmare – Stuck in the Twilight Zone of a Bygone Era

Like a set from the Twilight Zone, this investment property located in Stone Mountain, Georgia shows just how eerie outdated décor can affect the ambience of a home. From its checker-patterned wallpaper to decades-old appliances and lamps, renters today would feel trapped in time just entering this kitchen. As they stroll through the property, they would see that the antiquated décor from a bygone era has spread across the entire house like an infection that envelops everything it touches. Luckily, the renovators of this property chose to reverse this curse and successfully transformed the home into the 21st century.

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3. Like a Stolen Scene from the X-Files

This old 2-unit townhouse in New Jersey that needed to be flipped was already in need of much tender loving care. But with the greatly exposed walls and down-to-the-bones view of the house, one cannot help but wonder what really happened in its 100-plus years of existence. Staring more and more at the jarring photos can evoke out-of-world feelings and cause imaginations to run wild. Like a stolen scene from the X-Files, a sense of mystery and suspense lives within those walls. The investors did an amazing job in taking their New Jersey investment loan and turning this skeleton of a home into a bright and beautiful rental home.

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4. Not a House for the Meek, with or without Jason Inside

Friday the 13th called and it wanted its set back. Jokes aside, the before photos of this house show an unsightly scene of trash that seems to continue to live and grow. The house is unkempt from the interior to the exterior. This is in stark contrast to its beautiful surroundings of Portland, Oregon. Looking at the unwelcoming yard, it’s hard not to just stay away on a cold and dark Halloween night. Fortunately, a repeat investor with Colony American Finance recognized the potential beauty of the property and was able to renovate it from head to toe. One would not recognize this same property with its new clean and modern interior and gorgeous landscaping.

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5. Poltergeist: The Ghosts were Angry

Viewing the original condition of this property, one can imagine the haunting task that lay ahead for the renovators. Abandoned and heavily damaged, it was almost like witnessing the after mass of the gathering of a dozen mischievous ghostly pranksters from Poltergeist. Stripped wiring, damaged plumbing, torn and eroding walls, there was not much left that a prankster could prank. Even if one was not spooked by all of this, there still remained a lot of work to do to make it habitable. Without fear, the investors in this property rose to the challenge and transformed this small multi-family into dream homes for their renters.

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6. The Swamp Monster that Lived in the Back Yard

The swamp monster isn’t real… Or is it? This would surely answer the question of the moss, large tree and countless other organisms that lived inside the swimming pool. With debris scattered around the property and a completely overgrown front and backyard, this property was the perfect setting for the filming of The Haunting. To scare away the thought of a swamp monster living freely on the premise, the renovators had the difficult task of rehabbing this property inside and out. And they did it to perfection. Looking at the new modern interior and the completely rebuilt pool, one can say goodbye swamp monster and hello pool-side lounging.

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